Nombre: Muhsine Arda
Lugar de nacimiento: Bursa, Turquía
Residencia actual: Bursa, Turquía
Miembro desde: 16/05/2019

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Poems from The Cry of Souls

  1.           THE AFRICAN GIRL
  3.           LIFE NEVER COMES BACK
  4.           FALL
  5.           GÜZ
  6.           ****
  7.           ****
  8.           PITY
  9.           YAZIK                                                                              
  10.           RAPE 
  11.           SOMEBODY
  12.           THE ACCUSED of being a WITCH 
  13.           VIRGIN
  14.           ***



I was an African girl
the wonderful nature of my continent
made me happy
I loved both
         my tribe
            and others
Africa is huge
         quite enormous
like the endless sky
it is infinite
with its land and fertility
heat and aridity
exclusive are
         its taboos and animals
intertwined are
         its mines and pains
eternal is
         its darkness and prudence
its ignorance and wisdom are limitless 
with unending treasons, music and dances
         can paint the picture gray
         by mixing white with black
         or the opposite
by mixing black with white
a big lie!
         white is white
         black is black in Africa
nature has granted womanhood
         but the witch doctor cuts off the clitoris
         claiming it unnecessary
I was afraid
         very scared of the witch doctor’s razor blade
my mother cried
         as she was pushing me in
my mother cried
         while I was screaming
my mother cried
         while my womb was bleeding
my mother was crying
         as I was saying farewell to Africa
listen, my black-skinned African mother:
woman is created
         even if customs sacrifice her
         even if taboos silence her
she will be emancipated
         if she learns to love
                   and all women
You Made Fun of Death
life is making fun of
those of us remaining
                  if only
you had  lived your life
commencing from the grave
ending as a baby
         see the state of us now
would you hang yourself?
if I had lived my life obversely
believe me
I would not have given birth to you
not because I am mad at you
rather because
I feel the agony you went through
I know  the cause
of every sorrow I have lived through
         (It) is not worth it
not for you
not for me
enduring the hardship
we lived
what had to be lived
         but you
joke not with death
but rather with us
us-the remaining
command us
The brutality of fall
Makes us shiver
Winter's cold is a detail
Sadness of green fading away
Desperation in last shivering leaf
Every single wound bleeds
Reminds all of grief
Buried in the memory pit
acımasızlığı sonbaharın
üşütür bizi
kışın soğuğu ayrıntı
yitip giden yeşilin
titreyen son yaprakta
kanatır her yarayı
hatırlatır anı çukuruna gömülmüş acıları
I am an asylum seeker
daddy packed a suitcase                                
for each of us
then we were packed
into an old boat
I did not know
where we were going
I did not know
where we were living
I cried and cried
I had forgotton my Barbie
who was a lovely blonde
my brother was also sad
he had forgotten his ball under his bed
my mother cried too                               
I was puzzled
because she owned
   neither a doll
   nor a ball
 I cried and cried
 the sea water got angry at me
 suddenly waves swallowed me
ben mülteci kızım  
babam geldi                                                                 
her birimize bir bavul verdi                                   
sonra biz                                                                        
eski bir takaya yüklendik                                           
   nereye gidiyorduk                                                                                                       
   nerede yaşıyorduk 
çok ağladım, güzel                                                                                              
     sarışın Barbi bebeğimi unutmuştum
ağabeyim boynu bükük duruyordu
    o da topunu yatağının altında unutmuştu                             
annem de ağlıyordu                                                                              
onun ne bebeği                                                     
           ne topu vardı                                                
ağladım, ağladım                                                   
deniz çok kızdı bana
sular kabardı                                                  
dalgalar yuttu beni                                       
children of loveless mating
grow without compassion
the one who forgets bread comes from wheat
becomes ruthless
the one who earns money from money                                            
cannot  appreciate labor
if ignorance replaces empathy
people forget human virtues
when greed takes over hunger
world becomes unbearable  
what a pity
for us first, then for the others                                                     
sevgi yoksunu sevişmelerin çocukları                            
büyür şefkatsiz                                                               
acımasız olur                                                                  
ekmeğin buğdaydan geldiğini unutan                      
değerini bilmez emeğin                                                                                           
parayla para kazanan                                                 
hissediş seyretmeyle değişirse yerini                            
unutur insan erdemlerini                                           
yaşanmaz olur dünya                                                 
aç gözlülük karın açlığının önüne geçerse                 
yazık olur                                                                   
ilkin bize, sonra öteki herkese                                                                                             
her eyes were frightening
         neither despair, anger
         nor pain could be seen in them
joy, bliss, hope
         lost in the void
her crazed eyes
         were drilling into brains
impossible to touch her heart
as there was nothing to touch
those eyes
         oh, those formidable eyes
listen my sister;
          your pain
                   is my pain
hold my hands and
         forget your body
don’t let him
 rape your brain
just because he violated your body
don’t intercept those moments
of laughter
of  happiness in life
I am somebody
Who cannot remember
Who I was.
Maybe ten
Maybe ten thousand years ago
At the time
          The glaciers covered the earth
When the sole problem
          Was to survive
I was somebody or everybody
Beyond the concept
Beyond the realization
I cannot remember
Beyond my imagination
At the time of transformation
From being to having
My cell or Everybody’s  cell
Came down with a disease
When children became
         The child of a certain mother-father
When children were 
The children of the tribe no longer
One bad seed
Maybe too many bad seeds
Started the malady
The living soul of mother earth
Missed the bliss of being
Evil started to win
Life forgat the meaning of happiness
I am the restless soul
With the burning desire
To reveal that
Not having
Is the real source of joy
I was known as a witch
I used to be silent
when afflictions
entangled with my hair and
my insurgence dwelled on me
I wasn’t able to take my revenge
         or to tell the truth
         as a woman on my own
my thoughts, after centuries,
became feminist aphorisms
suppressing my pains
foreseeing all the troubles
         sharpened my instincts
         I began to know all
I was illiterate
literacy was no taught
I embraced life
I didn’t hide my prophecies
all I wanted to warn the others
if not revealed, my brain
         would have burned with realities
my body was burned
with the order of Holy Inquisition
I know
         every woman is a witch in her heart
         every man is a grand inquisitor in his heart
         oh! It’s a cauldron of a witch
I am a victim of rape
yesterday, I was a virgin
life is beautiful
every spring announces itself
with the force of a victorious wrestler
in the hope chests
lavender scented
dreams of innocence
await to be realized
nights of passion
await on the horizon
initiated with a hesitancy
that will mature into ecstasy
 one unwelcomed penis
 destroyed it all
like a waterless creek
my vagina dried up
the source of my love
both in my heart and my head
I buried the life I had planned
A long with my innocence.  
ben  tecavüz kurbanı bakireyim
               yaşam güzel
                      ilan eder yeşiller
                      baharda geleneksel galibiyetini
                      tuş olmaz pehlivan örneği
                      lavanta kokusu
                      bohçalanmış gelecek
                      bekler, gerçekleşecek
                          masum hayaller
               sevişmeye doymaz  geceler
                      önce utangaç
                      gittikçe şehvetli
               bir davetsiz penis
                     her şeyi mahvetti
               kuru dere yatağı
                      oldu vajinam
                 kurudu sevgi pınarları
                      hem yürek hem beynimde
                müsvedde yaşamı gömdüm
                       bir bakire sevinciyle